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Community Outreach

Our board members, parent guild, and company members reach out to volunteer in the community. We can often be found at community events including the Sidney Music and Arts Festival, Relay for Life, and National Night out. Parades and special events are also events that we actively participate in each year. Spending time in our community is important to our organization to build up the leaders of tomorrow.



Each year, the Sidney Dance Company offers half and full scholarships to Sidney Dance Company members. Funds are available for members whose family meet certain income requirements. If you are interested in reviewing our scholarship application, we’d be happy to provide a copy. Additionally, we feel it is important that children who find their niche in performing arts can hone their passion without worry of paying for classes. That is why, the Sidney Dance Company sponsors a minimum of two children from our Low-Income Child Performer Program so they can take classes at Sharon’s School of Dance. Many students from Sharon’s School of Dance continue on into the Sidney Dance Company as full members. If we can start early by helping those unable to afford classes, but willing to put in the work, we can change lives.


Low Income Child Performer Program

For over 20 years, the Sidney Dance Company has worked with the local area schools to identify low-income children with the desire to perform on stage. The selected children are invited to be part of the show without worry about costume pieces, shoes, makeup, hair, and food. The Sidney Dance Company covers all their costs and offers free tickets to their parents to come see their child on stage. This program provides an opportunity to be part of a team working toward a goal and a chance to be in the spotlight. They make new friends, are mentored by older cast members, and encouraged to follow their dreams.


4th Grade Field Trip Performance

For the past 30 years, the Sidney Dance Company has provided semi-professional musical or dance performances for the local community students in the 4th grade as part of our community outreach. This is a small snippet of the larger performance and gives students an opportunity to view a live, semi-professional ballet performance and to ask questions of the performers and crew. In the past, students from Shelby and Miami Counties as well as local homeschool students have attended these performances. Your support goes into the rental of the theater space for that day, food for the performers and payment for local artists providing support for the show (orchestra, lighting, sound).


Schools in Partnership

Our Schools in Partnership program began in the late 1980s to bring dance education into gym classes around Shelby county. We send our local class instructors to participating schools to teach a gym class in various dance styles. We are attempting to revitalize this program and get dance education back into schools. Sponsorship helps cover the cost of instructor fees and music selection.

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